Colour Gel Polish

A unique collection of Soak off gels by NC Nails Company.
Amazing quality and high pigmentation make the stylists work to become a real pleasure. We show you the world of colour from the hottest shades of Summer to the dark and nostalgic colors of Wimer.
Soak off by NC Nails Company brand is a professional pro­duct so that your clients feel special.We are always moving forward by introducing the latest range of season colours. Sometimes we are defiant/rc.bellious and because we like challenges in our collection you can find that our colours not available anywhere else.
Soak off Manicure has become a top treatment in beauty sa­lons and is the must have treatment for every woman co feel fantastic. NC Nails Company Soak off gels are completely safe and do not cause allergies and when used properly do not harm natural nail tile. Soak off are removable by remo­
ver or special files/bits for a hybrid manicure.

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